Lisa Kasparian – Rabbyy Mehndi

hennateacher, hennaworkshop, hennaconference, eastwestmehndimeet, hennameetup, hennaartist, mehndimeet,My name is Liza.
I’m a mehndi and tattoo artist from Russia. Henna is my passion. 2,5 years ago i knew about it almost nothing and now I can express my thoughts, feelings with drawing on body.
I tried many kinds of handicrafts, and only mehndi holds me for so long and I can’t stop 🙂 Of course my creative scales grow up, and I’m interested in big body projects.
I want to show everybody in my city, in my country, in the world, that henna art may be not only traditional, but also stylish, fashionable, creative 🙂
I’ve been a tattoo artist since 2017, but I don’t have any tattoos on my body, because mehndi is my only love.
I will bring my tattoo gear with me however. Get in touch if you would like a permanent tattoo from me after the conference.