Fatima Oulad Thami

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At the age of four Fatima experienced the Ritual of Henna for the very first time, while being in Morocco, visiting family from father’s side. Staying at her grand Mothers house, her neighboring friend came to treat her on a henna ritual. Fishbone designs, drawn with a stick on both hands and feet….. All she could do was open up all her sences to absorbe every minute of this special experience and that’s how her henna journey has begun.

Since that day Henna has never left her life. Passion was awakened. She got affected by this Henna fever…..and never cured from it.

Every summer in Morocco was only worth it if she went back to Holland with henna on her hands. At the age of 19 or so, her family ,finally, after all these years of Henna with sticks, Henna with tape resist stencils or just the oldschool dipped fingers and covered handpalms, finally, FINALLY, hired a real neqacha that, in Fatima’s eyes, did the real things. The neqacha didn’t revealed any of her secrets but she gave her syringe to Fatima and sended her back to the Netherlands with the duty to go practise …..a lot!

And the rest is history. Fatima practised , failed, practised. failed, practised even mor, henna on herself , on her friends, at parties in the neighboorhood No occasion to practise henna was skipped.

She founded her business Hand of Fatima, officially in 2004, dedicated to the Art of Henna, not only as a beauty treatment but as a tradition, a meaningfull ritual and a cultural story of significant symbolism and figures. For her Henna is a lifestyle, a way to express herself and build connections between women of different ages, classes, ethnicities and shapes.